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3 stories that are certainly going to make your day!

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There is some positive news that may bring a smile to our faces these days, when many headlines are inundated with bad news. These people, have gone above and beyond to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

1. A 75-year-old man placed an ad on Facebook searching for someone to go fishing with. Hundreds of people volunteered to send him a message.

Credits: abc

Ray Johnstone, a 75-year-old widower and keen fisherman, put up an ad seeking for a fishing partner. He went on to say that his former fishing partner had died and that he was searching for someone to join him on the water.

Credits: dailymail.co.uk

The ad quickly went viral, with thousands of replies coming in from all across the country.

Mati Batsinilas, 22, saw the popular ad on Facebook and contacted Johnstone.

The young guy offered to take the widower fishing for free, as well as a vacation trip to Stradbroke Island.

The 75-year-old was also given free fishing gear worth hundreds of dollars from the Boating Camping Fishing store. [Source]

2. In Japan, a nearly-defunct train station was just about to close when it was discovered that the only person using it was a student. They made the decision to close after the student completed high school.

Credits: Canva

The Hokkaido Railway Co. chose to keep an old train station operational for a single customer, a teenage girl.

The train would stop twice at Kyu-shirataki Station to assist the adolescent girl in getting to her school, which was approximately 35 minutes distance.

It would come to a halt every morning to pick her up and return her home in the evening. Due to poor attendance, the Japanese railway company chose to cease its service in the city.

The company, on the other hand, agreed to keep the station operational until the adolescent girl finished high school. The general public and netizens praised the company’s devotion.

Finally, on March 25, 2016, the adolescent girl graduated from high school, bringing her journey to a sad conclusion. Local people and media gathered around the station to see the train’s final arrival. It was given a heartfelt send-off, and the employees were praised for their efforts. [Sources: 12]

3. Volvo, the automobile company, developed a three-point seatbelt and handed free the patent and information so that it might save as many lives as possible.

Credits: Volvo Cars

Volvo is regarded as a pioneer in the development of safe automobiles. The firm has made a name for itself by providing safer automobiles and is recognized with giving away their most significant safety feature.

Nils Bohlin, a Volvo engineer, invented the three-point safety belt in 1959 as a universal contemporary seat belt. A seat belt that fit over a driver’s torso as well as their lap was created by the company’s engineer.

Many firms employed a basic two-point waist restraint prior to its discovery, which did more harm than good in the case of a crash.

Credits: Canva

If this safe idea had been patented, the firm might have made a fortune. The business, however, did not patent the crucial invention as a noble gesture because it was regarded a free life-saving tool rather than a profit gadget.

Nils Bohlin worked on side-impact protection and rear seat belts as he continued to redefine automobile safety. He received a gold medal from the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science and was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame for his exceptional achievement. [Source]

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