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After the store “took her request literally,” the mother was left speechless by her son’s Christening banner

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After receiving a banner for her son’s christening, a mother couldn’t stop giggling and realized the business had taken her wording request a little too literally.

Denise Smith contacted the printing shop’s personnel after placing her order for the sign for the baptismal celebration of her son Raymond:”I just want ‘On your Christening day’ printed on a banner, please.”

But when the 30-year-old unwrapped the poster and saw the words “I just want On Your Christening Day” printed in bold lettering at the top, she was left in stitches.

The store printed the first three words of her request together with the brief message she had planned because they were left in.

Credits: Denise Smith / SWNS

It was made worse by the fact that Denise purchased the banner from a store run by her brother, Raymond’s godfather.

Fortunately, Denise, an addiction support specialist from County Cavan, Ireland, opted to utilize the banner despite the error after finding the humor in its placement.

“When I opened the banner, my brother’s wife just shrieked ‘Oh my God’,” she added.

“My brother was so embarrassed – he was meant to be godfather. I just laughed, gasped and thought ‘Oh My God’.”

Credits: Denise Smith / SWNS

“I just thought it was so funny – how can you mess it up that badly?”

Denise placed her order for the banner inside the shop and also sent emails and texts requesting it.

However, despite all of the efforts, it appears that the text was sufficiently unclear for the significant error to be made – and not caught.

Even still, the mother made the proud choice to display the amusing banner at the Christening ceremony.

“Raymond’s dad, Connor, just said it was quality and laughed,” she remarked.

“All of my family and friends were just in stitches – they thought it was so funny.”

Credits: Denise Smith / SWNS

“Even when I tell people now they don’t believe it happened.”

Denise claimed that Raymond’s Christening was made even more memorable by the misplaced banner.

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