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Oil Paintings by Fabiano Millani That Are Mind-Blowingly Realistic

Fabiano Millani, a Brazilian artist, is known for his hyperrealistic oil paintings, which are remarkably similar to high-resolution photographs. Over the past 15 years, we've featured quite a few incredibly gifted hyperrealist artists on Oddity Central, but Fabiano Millani is...

5 of the world’s most weird and incredibly strange buildings!

Architects have a strong desire to leave their imprint on the world, and many projects and buildings have been built to accomplish this goal. Here are a few of the most unique structures that will astound you. 1. Dancing House,...

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The “Playboy King” Of Indonesia Has Been Married 46 Different Women 87 Times

Following the revelation that he intends to marry 88 times, a 61-year-old farmer from Indonesia has been crowned the "Playboy...