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Oil Paintings by Fabiano Millani That Are Mind-Blowingly Realistic

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Fabiano Millani, a Brazilian artist, is known for his hyperrealistic oil paintings, which are remarkably similar to high-resolution photographs.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve featured quite a few incredibly gifted hyperrealist artists on Oddity Central, but Fabiano Millani is without a doubt right up there with the greatest of them.

The Rio Grande do Sul-bred artist, who was born in So Paulo and raised there, has achieved fame for his lifelike oil paintings that are sometimes mistaken for pictures.

It’s almost incredible to think that he only began creating art professionally when he was 18 years old, following an artistic course.

He is now recognized as a noteworthy member of the hyper-realist painting community.

Credits: Instagram/fabiano_millani

Fabiano said for Magzoid: “My interest in art arose through observation. I always enjoyed scribbling while waiting for something or even during classes.”

“It was something intuitive that emerged little by little and ended up becoming indispensable in my daily life.”

Fabiano Millani is best recognized for his series of female portraits with honey and milk pouring down their faces, even if his entire body of work is extremely amazing.

He has received accolades for these incredible works from both the general public and other artists who have seen his enormous talent.

While not working on new paintings in his Santo Ngelo, Brazil, studio, Fabiano Millani travels the world teaching seminars and inspiring the next generation of hyper-realist painters.

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