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The “Playboy King” Of Indonesia Has Been Married 46 Different Women 87 Times

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Following the revelation that he intends to marry 88 times, a 61-year-old farmer from Indonesia has been crowned the “Playboy King” of the country.

Kaan is an Indonesian rice farmer from West Java who has a fascinating life story. He asserts that he has wed 87 times overall during his life and that he is preparing for his 88th marriage, to one of his ex-wives.

Kaan, known as “The Playboy King” in Indonesian media, gained notoriety after sharing his life’s story with a YouTuber whose post rapidly went viral.

As a result, Kaan was found and invited to his home in Cipeundeuy Village by many media agencies.

He first resisted giving any further interviews, but the many requests from news reporters soon convinced him to reconsider.

The Indonesian man claims that he initially married a girl who was two years older than him when he was just 14 years old.

Even though their marriage barely lasted two years, he continued to locate other wives, one after the other.

When asked why, Kaan replied that it was because he respected them and didn’t want them to feel like casual relationships.

So he always married them before they were even a month or even a week into the relationship.

“My reason is that I also didn’t want to play with women’s feelings, let alone other people’s children,” Kaan added. 


“Rather than committing immorality, it is better that I get married.”

Only 40 of the 87 marriages were officially sealed by traditional weddings; the other 67 were recorded with the Office of Religious Affairs. Additionally, he didn’t always get a divorce when he remarried.

He married 46 women, some of whom refused to grant him a divorce; however, he just remarried, and at various times throughout his life, he had two or more spouses at once.

The longest of Kaan’s marriages lasted 14 years, while several of them lasted only a month or two, and one only a week.

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