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Walking down the aisle in her £34 wedding dress, the bride “feels truly beautiful for the first time”

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A woman who was concerned about the expense of her wedding was able to get a dress on eBay for the unbelievable sum of just £34.

When looking online, Katy Thomson, 36, was astounded by the eye-watering pricing for a gown.

The call center employee looked at dresses priced from £600 to £4,000, which was significantly more than she was ready to spend.

When Katy, a woman from Stoke-on-Trent, began exploring on eBay’s auction platform, she discovered a stunning ivory princess dress for less than £40.

Credits: Katy Thomson / SWNS

And she claims she doesn’t regret being married to groom Karl Thomson, 36, on October 15.

Katy was so delighted with her discovery that she continued to purchase items from eBay, including her shoes, a tiny coat, and even gowns for the bridesmaids.

“I just saw the price tags and thought it was ridiculous. I didn’t feel the need to pay thousands on a dress you wear for one day,” she said.

“Some of the bridal shops charge a fortune for a dress but by the end of the day it’s covered in mud and food, and then it sits in your cupboard for the rest of your life.”

“The dress was perfect, there wasn’t a mark on it. I don’t think it had ever been worn.”

Credits: Katy Thomson / SWNS

“On the day of my wedding, in that dress and makeup, I felt truly beautiful for the first time.”

By placing a bid, Katy won the eBay garment, paying less than the £50 asking price of £34 plus £4 for shipping.

And she realized right away that nothing on the high street even came close when the gown arrived in the mail.

Credits: Jodie Brennan

Katy’s friends and family couldn’t believe she had paid such a low price for the dress because it was lined with diamonds and pearls.

She felt stunning walking down the aisle at Aston Marina with her son Jayden, 14, serving as Karl’s best man, and her daughter Maddie, 11, serving as her maid of honor.

Katy said she hasn’t looked back since making her choice and that having the extra cash allowed her to add extras to the wedding, such entertainment.

The low-cost bride has also stated that she agrees with the idea of ladies paying less on their wedding-day attire.

Credits: Jodie Brennan

She added: “I still have the dress – it’s got chocolate all over the front from the fountain and grass down the back.”

Karl, Katy’s coworker in the same contact center, said: “It’s hard to describe how beautiful she was on the day. The dress itself was perfect, better than I ever imagined.”

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