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Why King Charles has massive fingers, according to a doctor

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King Charles III’s fingers frequently resemble a bunch of bulging sausages, as a doctor recently described.

For obvious reasons, King Charles III has been in the spotlight quite a bit lately, but many people’s attention has been focused on his fingers in particular.

They appear to be somewhat swollen to onlookers, which has raised some questions about the health of the future King.

The biological, or should that be scientific, explanation for why Charles appears to have sausages for fingers has now been provided by a doctor.

Dr. David Reiner said on TikTok that the lymphatic system and blood vessels were to blame for everything.

He added that in addition to red blood cells, the fluids in your blood vessels are also subject to pressures that cause them to move in and out of the vessel.

Credits: TikTok/@drdavidreiner

Dr. Reiner stated that “oncotic forces” pulled fluid back into the blood artery while “hydrostatic forces” pushed fluid out of the blood channel.

Most people only experience a small amount of this, thus the lymphatic system typically returns this fluid to the heart. Are you following so far? Good.

The doctor continued by saying that it was crucial to comprehend this in order to comprehend what was going on with King Charles and his fingers.

“The lymphatic system is not working, so the transudate, or the fluid that’s going outside the blood vessel, is getting stuck outside the blood vessel and not returning to the heart,” he added.

“Fluid is exiting the blood vessel and causing that finger to swell.”

There you have it—a sound scientific justification for why the King’s fingers resemble a herd of chubby Lincolnshire terriers.

Credits: Alamy Stock Photo

King Charles may have large fingers, but he has been known to use them occasionally, allegedly flipping off Donald Trump when they first met in 2019.

I’m not sure what would be a better use for your hands if not that.

However, there are certain disadvantages to having swollen hands as the new King appears to have begun his rule by engaging in a conflict with cunning little pens.

Speaking of hands, during the early years of his rule, people believed that his security detail was wearing fake hands to hide the fact that they were carrying concealed weapons.

Some individuals believed that phony hands were hiding guns, while others thought it was absurd that secret agents would use that kind of technology.

That just sounds really great, to be honest.

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